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The Real Madrid Foundation opens its doors to all teams, offering elite competition training in the Ciudad Real Madrid.

Coaching will be given, led by coaches of the Real Madrid reserve teams, with the possibility of the coaches providing a personalised assessment of each member of the team during coaching.

This is an exclusive opportunity to experience football in one of the countries that is most passionate about this sport and learn from Real Madrid, the Best Club of the 20th Century according to FIFA.





The coaching programme abroad is designed for all types of teams who want to develop their potential in their own country and experience coaching with a Real Madrid coach without having to travel.

The Real Madrid Foundation offers them coaching by sending our Real Madrid reserve team coaches or coaches with previous experience coaching the reserve teams. The coaches' methodology is the same as those of the Real Madrid reserve team.

The goals of this programme are similar to those of the coaching that takes place in Spain




  • Advanced technical and tactical individual coaching
  • To develop the tactical coaching of the team
  • Problem solving on the field
  • Individualised assessment





  • Possibility of the shipping of a batch of football shirts, trousers and socks to the country where the Clinic is to take place
  • Preparation for championships and competitions
Clinic FRM Argentina









Clinic FRM Brasil





Clinic FRM Chile





Clinic FRM Colombia





Clinic FRM Costa Rica



 Costa Rica


Clinic FRM Croatia





Clinic FRM Hong Kong



 Hong Kong


Clinic FRM Jordan





Clinic FRM Kazakhstan





Clinic FRM Latvia





Clinic FRM Mexico





Clinic FRM Montenegro





Clinic FRM Morocco





Clinic FRM New Zealand



 New Zealand


Clinic FRM Nigeria





Clinic FRM Oman





Clinic FRM Panama





Clinic FRM Poland





Clinic FRM Southafrica





Clinic FRM Switzerland





Clinic FRM Turkey





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Clinic FRM USA













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